Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday, June 10 Meeting

Tonight will be our last meeting of the season.

We will be meeting at St. Marks church hall from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Come and play games, work on the "Ice Cream Badge" and say goodbye to everyone for the summer. We'll also be handing out Centennial badges for everyone to put on their uniform, as well as any Challenge badges that haven't been awarded yet.

Please wear your uniform as we'd like to take a group photo.

Please note that this is our last scheduled meeting until fall. But if any of you are interested in getting together over the summer for canoe trips or camping let us know and we might be able to put something together. You can reach Scouter Jim(my) at 216-0361 or email: greybrother@rogers.com . Scouter Dan can be reached at 847-9556 or email: dfarren@nb.sympatico.ca

Thanks to everyone for making it a fun Scouting year. Have a great summer.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Monday, June 9 Meeting

Monday June 9 we are meeting at the Irving Gun Club at 6:30 PM. It is a considerable drive so you should leave your house at 6:00 PM to get there on time. They will be instructing us on safe gun handling and target shooting with 22 caliber rifles.

If you have any questions please call Scouter Dan at 847-9556.

Click here for Google Map directions from St. Mark's Church to the Gun Club, or read below for Scouter Dan's directions.

Directions to Irving Pulp & Paper Recreation Gun Club (IP&PRGC)

• From the Kennebecasis Valley Drive West (towards Saint John) along Route 1
• Take Exit 125 “Crown St./Harbour Station”
• Turn left at lights on top of hill
• Drive down overpass to Crown Street
• Drive along Crown Street
• Turn Left at 4th set of lights onto Causeway
• Turn Right at end of Causeway onto Bayside Dr.
• At this point you can follow the orange “LNG Canaport Construction Traffic” direction signs
• Drive approximately 2.1 Km along Bayside Dr., at Grandview Ave. bare right at “Y” staying on Bayside Dr. (which at this point it used to be called Old Black River Rd.).
• Again watch for orange direction sign
• Continue along Bayside Dr. for approximately 8.5 Km (ignore “Authorized Vehicles Only” sign at gate)
• At this point you will drive along construction crews installing new pipeline off to right of road
• Continue until arriving at “Stop” sign directly across from entrance to Canaport
• At this point orange “LNG Canaport Construction Traffic” direction signs will end
• Turn left
• Drive approximately 3.1 Km
• Once you cross cement bridge look for “No Trespassing – Shooting Range” signs on left (this means you are getting close)
• Turn left into gravel driveway, there is an IP&PRGC sign set in off the road (I will try to remember to put a Scout Flag at driveway)
• If you see a ball field on right, you have gone too far… STOP and look back to your left
• If you see Mispec Beach Park on your right, you have gone even more too far… turn around and head back, Gun Club is now on your right just after you pass the ball field that is now on your left.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tuesday, June 3, Meeting

Tuesday, June 3rd we will be planting trees at the Hammond River Angling Association. 10 Porter Rd. Nauwigewauk, NB E5N 6X1.

We will meet at the Conservation Center at 6:15 PM and drive around to the tree planting area.
Remember to bring pledge envelopes if you have them.

Click here for Google Maps directions from St. Marks Church.

If you have any questions please call Scouter Dan at 847-9556.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Here are the details for this weekend’s camp.

- If you have questions please call Scouter Jimmy at (W) 635-2606 or (H) 216-0361.

What: Night Hawk Scout Camp. (This is an all night game, so get to bed early on Friday)

Where: Night Hawk to be held at Adair’s Wilderness Lodge, 900 Creek Road, Sussex / Shepody, New Brunswick.

When: Saturday and Sunday, May 24-25.

Transportation: We will be meeting at St. Mark’s church at 11:00 am Saturday morning. We have two leaders driving up but depending on how many boys are going we may need a parent to help with driving. We are planning to return at approx. 12:00 noon on Sunday.

COST: Fee of $30.00 per Scout for registration and food.

• We need to have parents sign a permission slip.
• Medication (please advise leaders if your child takes medication).


• Pack a lunch for Saturday to eat on the drive to camp.
• Water bottle.
• Snacks (granola bars etc.)
• Mess kit or dishes (non-breakable plate, bowl and mug, plus a fork, knife and spoon) in mesh bag.

• Rain gear (jacket and pants).
• Hiking boots if you have them – it can get cold and damp through the night (sneakers are not recommended but you can bring them as extra footwear.)
• Extra clothes. 1 sweater, 1 pair of pants, 1 shirt, 3 pairs of socks, underwear.
• Uniform shirt and kneckerchief (sash not necessary).
• Wide brim hat to keep the sun off your face during the day.
• Touque (winter hat) to keep you warm at night.
• Gloves.

• Flashlight and extra batteries.
• Note paper and pencil.
• Small bottle of bug repellent (if you have it).
• Toothbrush.
• Face cloth in ziplock bag.
• Toilet paper in ziplock bag.

• Foam sleeping pad.
• Sleeping bag (it’s still cold at night so if your bag is not warm bring a liner or blanket).

• Small back pack to carry with you while doing activities. Day pack should contain your rain gear, a pair of extra socks, sweater, hats and gloves, water, mug, snacks, toilet paper notepad and flashlight.
• Back pack for your extra clothes and shoes, dishes, and everything else.

• Bring a good attitude and be prepared for teamwork and fun.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday, May 20 Meeting

Hi guys,

Tonight we are meeting at St. Marks Church hall at 7:00. We will be planning for the "Night Hawk" camp that is taking place in Sussex this weekend (Sat. May 24 and Sun. May 25).

See you tonight.

Scouter Jim(my)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

29 April 2008

Today we are going over to the Peninsula for a hunting dog demonstration. We will meet at St. Mark's Church Hall and leave promptly at 7:00 so we can get there and back in time for your parents to pick you up at 9:00. So don't be late.

Also, please bring the duck nest boxes we made two weeks ago at Rothesay High. We will be putting them out this coming Saturday. Once the Leaders set a time for this activity on Saturday I will let you know, it will be done at tomorrow's meeting.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

22 April 2008

Tonight (April 22) we are meeting at Hurricane Fitness.

From 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

The address is 6 Market Street (in behind KV Billiards, across from the Co-Op).

Please bring $5.00 for cover charge.

Wear something comfortable as we will be working on the fitness portion of the personal development badge.

See you there.